Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide our customers with optimum logistic services as well as solutions for logistic real estate and last but not least supply of forest end-products for wholesale and the building industry.


Due to our long history, all these activities have an integrated approach to almost every specific demand and therefore will immediately create added value.


In this respect, we believe that by using our services our customers can improve the quality of their core business whilst lowering their costs.


Basic principles:

  • Flexibility in processes through outstanding expertise of our employees and partners
  • Durability of our services by an unchanged family culture over the last 165 years.
  • Sustainability of all our businesses through green logistic solutions, green logistic buildings and supply of high quality sustainable forest products.

And last but not least our focus on our clients and their challenges.

Our activities can meet your requirements on a regional, national and international level and cover every step in the so-called supply chain. Even services that are not directly linked to the core of the supply chain as after sales services, billing and other administrative functions can be rendered by every entity. In other words, we carry out your assignment with greatest care, day in day out and make sure you can focus on your core business.

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